Cold Calling Strategies For Success

Cold calling is a well-known and effective sales technique. It has been used by many successful business owners for decades and is now a staple of modern sales. It is also one of the most common reasons why businesses fail. A cold calling prospect is difficult to break, especially if that prospect has not been exposed to your product or service. Cold calling is an effective way to sell products and services.

Common Strategies

There are many strategies, tactics and tips. One of the most common cold calling strategies is not only to simply go out and make the calls but also be persistent. Although this can be effective and maybe your best tactic, it is also the easiest and least expensive. You generally do not need to build a relationship with a potential client before cold calling him or her. Scripts can often work well when done right. 

Another common sales strategy is the use of canned responses. These are often used in sales calls that are part of a campaign to generate a single sale. The salesperson will use a canned response such as “I can provide you with an alternative” or “That’s fine – what do you have to lose”. While these cold calling strategies can indeed be effective and may work well for some campaigns, they are not very effective when calling prospective clients.

A third popular cold calling technique involves LinkedIn connections. This is usually the case if the prospect belongs to a professional network like LinkedIn or has a large presence within LinkedIn. 

Get Results

Cold calling does not mean simply saying” Hi, I’m Todd from accounting and I was wondering if you might be interested in a car insurance policy?” Nor does it mean saying” Hi, I’m Joe from accounting and would like to give you my cell phone number so you can find out more about me”. Most people do not want to hear generic business names or a telemarketer at the end of the phone call. 

To get good results with any of these types of cold calling techniques, it is important to have good and predictable answers. A good rule to follow is to say the name of the person first and then the company name. Following this simple pattern will help to give the caller an idea of who they are speaking to.

Another way to go about cold calling is to use what is called a “confident pitch”. This is where the pitch becomes almost conversational and is designed to sound like a suggestion instead of something that needs to be ordered. For example, if a prospect asks if they can take a caller to lunch, the pitch would be something along the lines of “I would be really glad if you could take us to lunch on Monday, it would be nice on both our accounts”. If done correctly, the prospect should be comfortable with the pitch and respond well.

One final way to create a successful campaign is to develop a script. Scripts can be found online or in many business books. A good idea for someone just starting is to write out a script to use when contacting potential prospects. To begin, simply list the steps that you need to take to make your approach go well and then list any questions you may have along the way. This script can be a major help when closing a sale.

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